Other Half and a walk to Threes Brewing

Today was Threes Brewing official release of their Single Tree IPA. They released a total of 250 growlers at the excellent low price of only $10. So I decided to stop by Other Half Brewery’s tap room before I walked over to Threes Brewing to pick up my growler.

Other Half

Other Half Brewery is currently making my favorite beers in New York City. I feel that they are truly the Hop Kings of the East Coast. From their Imperial IPA Greens Diamonds to their Triple IPA All Green Everything, to their Session IPAs Small Green Everything and Forever Green, to their single hop Nelson Sauvin IPA and their Cascadian Dark IPA Doug, everything they create I have loved. Their repertoire goes beyond super hoppy IPAs with such beer as the Chardonnay Barrel Aged Farmhouse Saison Veldrijden Love, Short Dark and Handsome Stout, Koksidje Belgian Tripel, and Laatste Ronde Rauchbier. They put out a new beer almost every week and just celebrated their 100th batch of beer since the brewery opened this past January. It also helps that they are only a 15 minute ride away from me on the G train, so I go to their tasting room all the time.

Nelson Sauvin IPA

I have been wanting to try their new Nelson Sauvin single hop IPA since it’s release a little while ago and I finally got a taste of it. Super fruity, dry, and refreshing and at a ABV of 7%, this beer goes down quick.

Doug Cascadian Dark Ale

The Doug came out a little while ago, but I haven’t had a chance to try it until today. Super danky with a nice roasty undertone, this is a great black IPA. A hop lovers dream.

Plan Bee Farm Brewery Mattrazzo Ale

The small and intimate tap room of Other Half tends to encourage people to bring bottles to share with the staff and other patrons. I have tasted some great beers here not made by Other Half through the generosity of complete strangers. This bottle of Plan Bee Farm Brewery Mattrazzo Ale was cracked opened and shared. A very earthy saison with a nice honey tones.

Threes Brewing

From Other Half I made the 1.4 mile walk over to Threes Brewing. Today was their Smite Brite event with food provided by Delaney’s BBQ (One of my favorite BBQ spots in NYC). A large crowd was there to sample 3 of their new beers: Wandering Bine Sasion, Arboretum Pale Ale, and Single Tree IPA.

Bar crowd. Taps not up quite yet.

I ordered the Arboretum and got a pulled pork sandwich and headed out to their backyard.



After the quick bite, I headed back in to grab my growler and called it a day. Another great day of beer in Brooklyn!

Bottle of Other Have BA V_Love and a growler of Threes Brewing Single Tree IPA




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