Beer Review: Surly Brewing Co. Abrasive Ale

Surly Brewing Co. Abrasive Ale

New York City has its share of great breweries and we also get a good supply of out of state beer from the local distributors. Unfortunately not all beer can make it to NYC. Fortunately there are good people who will bring good beer with back from far away lands. Fellow Beer Advocate buddy John R. surprised me with a beer from the far away land of Minnesota, a can of Surly Brewing Co. Abrasive Ale. Surly Brewing started brewing beer in December of 2005 in Minneapolis and was named Best Brewery in America by Beer Advocate in 2007, only 16 months after they opened. In May of 2011, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed the “Surly Bill” into law, which allowed breweries that produce less than 250,000 barrels each year to sell pints of their beer at their brewery. This was all due to Surly wanting to open a bigger brewery where people could sample their beer. I have heard a lot about this brewery, yet have not had a chance to try them. I am glad I got to sample one of their most famous beers.

What makes this double IPA interesting is that they use oats as an adjunct. Oats add to the body of the beer and help mellow out hop bitterness. I will say this is one smooth tasting beer.

Appearance: Hazy Gold, Light Orange

Aroma: The aroma of the Citra hops comes through first with grapefruit and tangerines.

Taste: Fruit forward from the Citra with a nice earthy bitterness from Warrior hops.

Mouthfeel: Medium Body rounded off by the oats

Overall: A delicious DIPA. Too bad not available in NYC.

Rating: 4/5

Good stuff!

Here’s to hoping that Surly Brewing gets distributed to NYC one day. Until then I’ll have to rely on the kindness of friends!




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