Beer Review: Other Half Amarillo

This Summer at Other Half Brewing has been a Summer full of beers focused on single hops. This collection of IPAs has featured such hops as Mosaic, Citra, Nelson, Galaxy, Equinox, and Cascade. Last month Other Half continued this series with a very well known hop from the Yakima Valley: Amarillo.

Other Half Amarillo

The story of the Amarillo hop begins in 1988 when the hop plant was found growing wild in the Toppenish region of the Yakima Valley. This is very unique since most proprietary hops nowadays emerge from breeding programs. These types of hops are known as “landrace” hops since they are found growing naturally in the wild. It was discovered by Darren Gamache of Virgil Gamache Farms when he was still in high school. His father loved the aroma and started growing the hop to give away for free. Soon after though, the demand for Amarillo far exceeded the acres of farmland to grow it. Realizing they could not meet the demand for Amarillo, Virgil Gamache Farms licensed the hop to other farmers to grow. From there Amarillo has become well known for being in numerous “hop bomb” beers. 70% of its essential oil is myrcene which contributes to its floral, tangerine, apricot, and citrus aromas. The flavor is similar to the fruity aroma.


Other Half Brewing’s Amarillo IPA is an amazing example of this lovely hop.

Appearance: Orange leaning towards yellow.

Aroma: Very bright Citrus. A little bit floral.

Taste: Citrus with some melon. A very slight bitterness on the end to balance the bright fruitiness out.

Mouthfeel: Medium body, coats the mouth nicely.

Overall: Another great single hop showcasing from Other Half.

Rating: 4.25/5

Other Half’s single hop series has been fantastic so far. I am looking forward to tasting their upcoming Simcoe and El Dorado releases. Until then – Cheers!


(PS – Sorry for the long delay since the last article. September was a busy month. I’ll be back regularly now. Thanks for visiting my site!)


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