Goodbye to d.b.a. Brooklyn

d.b.a. Brooklyn

Yesterday was the final day that d.b.a. in Brooklyn was open. When I lived in the East Village, d.b.a. on First Avenue was one of the first craft beer bars where I would go to drink good beers. It was the place I would bring friends and out of town visitors to gawk at the huge hand written menu that was above the bar. The backyard was always a popular place to enjoy a good craft beer, which was probably recommended by the very knowledgeable bar staff. After I moved to Brooklyn in 2008, I didn’t visit d.b.a. very often since it wasn’t a 5 minute walk from my apartment anymore. But it was less than a year later that I would find out that d.b.a. decided to open a location only a 10 minute walk from my new apartment. The same great line up of beers in a bigger space with a backyard, I was happy to have this excellent bar so close again.

The New Orleans Saints fan crowd

In the past few years I have moved further away from the new location and I haven’t been visiting as often as I would like. So when I heard that they were shutting down, I had to stop by and pay my respects with a last beer. Being that I have discovered many great beers at d.b.a., I made sure to get one I haven’t tried before.

Finback Darkly Chocolate Stout

I decided to get one from an excellent local NYC brewery, Finback’s Darkly Chocolate Stout. A delicious and light bodied stout with notes of chocolate and roasty malts at a 5.8% abv. I enjoyed my beer while watching the bar’s favorite team the New Orleans Saints beat out the Pittsburgh Steelers. Very appropriate to have a win on this last open day.

I hear that they might try to find a new location, which would be great. Until then, here’s to the memory of Ray Deter and Dennis Zentek. And here’s hoping that the new owners of d.b.a. East Village keep it the same great place it has always been.