Beer Review: Other Half / Trillium Street Green

One can easily call Other Half Brewing, of New York City, and Trillium Brewing, of Boston, two of the best breweries on the East Coast. Both of these breweries produce a number of styles of beers, but the general consensus is that they both brew amazing hoppy IPAs. This past August, the brewers of Other Half paid a visit to Trillium up in Boston and they produced a very hoppy and “obvious” pale ale called “Green Street.” This very limited edition collaboration beer was only available in bombers for sale at the Trillium brewery. Unfortunately I never was able to procure a bottle of this beer and I only got a few small pours from a couple bottles that made it down to New York City. The flavor was nothing less than a hop bomb. The question remained of when would Trillium head down to Brooklyn and brew a batch of beer there. Well the answer came fairly quickly when, in late October, Trillium paid a visit to Other Half to brew some beer and the hype for another collaboration began to build. Well this past Saturday, the hype reached its peak and the collaboration between the two breweries was released in cans called “Street Green.”

Street Green

The hype was so over the top, that the line to get into Other Half wrapped nearly around the entire block. Someone managed to film the line before the doors opened and from what I heard, the line eventually was nearly double this long:

I just want to remind people that it’s just beer. There are over 4000 breweries in the USA alone, so there are tons and tons of amazing beers out there. Instead of waiting forever for one beer, take that time and look around for beers you never heard of and you might be surprise what you might find. I am posting this in response to people who blamed Other Half for the line length and people cutting. Don’t blame Other Half for the actions of a few self-entitled people. But I digress. Now back to the beer.

This India Pale Ale clocks in at an ABV of 7%.

Appearance: A very hazy orange tinted yellow.

Aroma: A fruity, citrusy, and resinous hop bomb with a very soft malt aroma to round out any sharpness.

Taste: The best of both breweries. The fruit forward and softness of a Trillium beer with the resinous bitter fruity hop bite of an Other Half.

Mouthfeel: Typical IPA with medium mouthfeel.

Overall: An amazing collaboration beer between two amazing brewers. Sadly this beer probably will never be brewed again since I’m assuming if they got together to brew a third collaboration batch it would be something new and different.

Rating: 4.5/5

Lovely haze

So to here’s more delicious collaborations and to two of my favorite East Coast breweries, Other Half and Trillium!



Beer Review: Other Half All Green Everything and Mosaic IPA

I just realized it has already been a month since my past post! This year is flying by and with this year comes the addition of canned beers at one of my favorite breweries, Other Half Brewing. This past February they rolled out their first offering in cans with the help of Iron Heart Canning, a mobile canning operation, which was their Superfun! session IPA. Only a few weeks later, Other Half released one of their flagship Imperial IPAs, their delicious Green Diamonds. Following up in April, they released two single hopped IPAs, Citra and Nelson. The Citra is one of my favorite Other Half beers and the Nelson is a tasty new one they first brewed up earlier this year. But the one beer everyone was really excited about being canned is their All Green Everything. An extremely smooth drinking triple IPA. In addition to this release, Other Half surprised everyone by canning a brand new beer, their single hopped Mosaic IPA. Both of which I will review today.

Other Half All Green Everything

First up is Other Half’s All Green Everything triple IPA. Along with Green Diamonds, the All Green Everything is another one of Other Half’s flagship beers and one of my top 5 beers that they brew. It is so popular that the entire stock of cans sold out in less than 2 hours! Also it does not hurt that All Green Everything was in almost everyone’s top 5 beers from the Extreme Beer Festival held in Boston earlier this year. This beer is one of the best balanced triple IPAs being brewed today. It doesn’t suffer from the sweetness of other triple IPAs. Also the astringency one finds with high ABV beers is so well hidden with this beer. This does make it a little bit dangerous since it drinks so smooth and clean. I find myself finished with one before I know it.

It’s all green

This 10.5% ABV Triple IPA is loaded with Motueka, Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops.

Appearance: Golden orange.

Aroma: Lots of fruit and citrus. Pine and resin as well.

Taste: Fruity, Dank, Pine, with a nice balance from the malt. The hops hide the alcohol very well.

Mouthfeel: So smooth. Medium body.

Overall: One of Other Half’s best beers.

Rating: 4.5/5

If you can manage to grab cans, then definitely pick up a 4 pack. I know in a few weeks they plan on canning some more. It is also available on draft in their taproom.


Up next is Other Half’s surprise can release, the Mosaic IPA. This is their first beer that has been canned before it was offered on draft in the tasting room.

Other Half Mosaic IPA

Being that Mosaic is one of my favorite hops, I was very excited to taste this one. Needless to say, it did not disappoint and I now consider it one of my top 5 Other Half beers. This single hopped IPA weighs in 7% ABV.


Appearance: Gold with light orange

Aroma: The fruity and floral aroma of Mosaic hops.

Taste: A mosaic hop lovers dream. Tropical, fruity, a little piney,

Mouthfeel: Medium Light, though lingers in the mouth a little bit.

Overall: One of the best Mosaic hoped beers I have ever had.

I hope they can this one again, but thankfully they do offer it on draft at their taproom.

So the Other Half canning train is on a roll. All of these releases have been extremely limited, so if you really want some you’ll definitely have to wait in line on release day and hope they don’t sell out!

I’m looking forward to what’s next! Cheers!